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Sales and Use Tax

ǿմý serves as a reliable partner and representativeforٲ貹acrossindustries and tax jurisdictions.Withsales and use tax policyvarying byܰ徱پDz,application may pose difficultyfor inexperienced or understaffed tax departments.

龱Dz’steam issteepedinthe specific tax laws and policiesthat governܰ徱پDzs across the country.In addition to龱Dz’stechnical expertise, we interpret the manifold complexities of state and local sales and use tax laws. We serve clients across a range of industries, including energy, manufacturing, utilities, cloud computing and digital products, and retail.

We assist companies in their jurisdiction across a variety of sales and use tax services, including:

  • Audit defense and management
  • Reverse sales and use tax audit
  • Exposure analysis
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements
  • Nexus analysis
  • Use tax accrual process review
  • Taxability analysis of capital and recurring purchases and sales
  • Amnesty programs
  • Improvement of existing tax function

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