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How CFOs Can Do More With Less Using the Technology You Already Have

Savvy CFOs and business leaders are taking action to recalibrate their existing technologies, streamline accounting and finance processes, enable an easier audit cycle, and make a lasting impact.

Meeting the ESG Reporting Needs of Different Stakeholders with Different Expectations

Companies face diverse stakeholder expectations regarding sustainability and ESG reporting. Prioritizing stakeholders, identifying material topics, strategizing communication channels, aligning messaging with business goals, and improving data collection are key steps to create consistent and effective ESG communications.

Finding Middle Ground with ESG Ratings: Scores Still Matter, But Approach Matters More

Don’t ignore ESG ratings and risk alienating stakeholders who continue to consider them for a variety of valid reasons. But don’t put all the eggs in one basket by overemphasizing ratings above other priorities.

EU to Implement Minimum Tax Directive on Multinational Enterprises: Insights for CFOs and Corporate Tax Pros

CFOs and corporate tax professionals should monitor the OECD Pillar Two progress in the EU, especially in Member States where their organizations have a physical or digital presence. Plus, download a related guide.

Private Companies Can No Longer Risk It

By prioritizing risk management, private companies can elevate their impact by supporting better decision-making, preparing for strategic growth, and realizing other key benefits beyond compliance.

Today’s CFOs Walk Tightrope of Growth, Caution

In today’s business context, CFOs highlight the need to balance essential growth initiatives with financial caution, collaborate closely with cross-functional leaders, and communicate to key stakeholders in more robust ways.

Time for an IR Program Pivot?

Tell a long-term value story and get in front of investors who may be inclined to consider stocks that can communicate their growth potential.

Preparing the Finance Team for 2024 ESG Reporting

Given the evolving reporting environment, it’s not too early to prepare for disclosures and metrics in the 2024 Corporate Sustainably Report (CSR). Companies need to be planning for audit-ready ESG disclosures.

Considering Sustainability Software? Why Now Is the Perfect Time

With ESG disclosure compliance on the horizon, companies that start searching for best-fit ESG reporting software today will be the most prepared for success in the 2024 reporting cycle.

New IFRS Standards to Shape Sustainability Reporting: What CFOs Should Know

An overview for CFOs and ESG reporting professionals on the sure-to-be influential new IFRS sustainability standards.

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